Homeowner Testimonials in South Western Ontario

This is what our clients have to say about their new Thomasfield Home

“The house is truly unique – each room complimenting itself. The ever presence of light, whether it be a skylight or irregular shaped window never falls short of privacy. Special features such as the laundry chute from the second to main floor, the kitchen drawers and cupboards which are wide and deep and that wonderful wrap around veranda which has tremendous curb appeal are among the many worth mentioning.

Your continued commitment to be the best has once again demonstrated your pursuit of excellence. Keep up the good work.”


“It's really comforting to know that Thomasfield really stands behind the quality and reputation that your homes are so well known for.

Joe and I truly appreciate all that you have done for us over the last month or so. The repairs made to both the interior and exterior were very well done.

We wouldn't think twice about making our next home a Thomasfield Home!”

~Caroline and Joe

“Thank you very much for the beautiful home you have built for us. As soon as we moved in, we felt like we belonged here. The quality of your craftsmen is evident everywhere we look. It is without a doubt the nicest house we have ever seen.

A special note of appreciation must be extended to all of the people in your organization who, without exception, did the best anyone could expect to ensure our home was built to exceed the standards promised in our agreement. Your friendly and courteous staff made the experience of building a new home an enjoyable one for Diana and me.”

~John and Diana

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the well-constructed home which we have purchased. My husband and I hope to remain Thomasfield Home buyers for future purchases.”

~Eileen and James

“After a year in our second Thomasfield home, I felt I should let you know how please we are with it. We've had no problems other than the few minor repairs listed on the attached sheet – repairs that anyone would expect with a new home.

The quality is first rate as we expected and visitors we've had have also commented to that effect.

With the many, many changes we made during the design and construction, your people were very patient and helpful. We are very pleased with the results.”


“I am extremely impressed with your employees commitment to quality. This attitude will be appreciated by the market and will end up differentiating Thomasfield Homes from the rest of the building industry.”


“I was told that the house would be ready on the due date, and it was, I wanted to write a clause in to say my house must be clean when I moved in, the real estate agent said with Thomasfield Homes that won't be necessary, as they leave their homes spotless. You certainly did. It was a pleasure to move into my spotless home. The finishing touches that you obviously put on all your homes were outstanding and friends comment on them all the time. The after sales service and attitude of your staff was exceptional.”


“I would like to thank you and your company for the manner in which you corrected a problem in my house, namely the tile work in my bathroom.

Your customer relations office was extremely helpful and courteous in arranging the jobs completion; also the gentleman that actually did the work did an excellent and professional job.

My dealings with your company have always been excellent and this further convinced my wife and myself that we made the best possible decision when we had THOMASFIELD build our home.”


“We'd both like to say thank you to those who made it possible for us to move into our new home on time. We are very pleased with the quality of Thomasfield Homes and the service that we have received.”

~Tracy and Brian

“It is with greatest pleasure that we write this letter to thank you and your company for making our dream home a reality. We have purposely delayed writing thereby ensuring ourselves that any defects would have surfaced since moving in a year ago. It is our perception that you have built us a superior quality home and we feel we would go a long way to find another builder that could do the same.”

~Don and Marlene

“We would like to use this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation of the rare courtesy and cooperation we have received from all your service people who have effectively dealt with a number of usual problems and malfunctions we experienced during the first few months in our new house.

Because of our excellent experience with your company we would prefer to deal with you again and shall recommend you to our friends.”


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